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“I want to see the little one.” Cecil said on their way out. “Ah...she is my special possesion. I won't be sharing her just yet.” Freddy repli...d abruptly. Cecil headed to the guest room- it was too late to drive back, so he would remain till early morning- but Freddy wanted to go check on Lily.She was asleep. Her blonde hair framed her angelic face, although their were tearstains on the thirteen year old's alabaster cheeks. He walked up to her, tracing her lips with his fingers. She was clearly. She stands up and pulls off her sweatshirt. Her 32Abreasts are encased in a white lacy bra. She reachesbehind her back and removes her bra letting it drop tothe floor. She puts her hands under her small breasts,stifles a sob, and says, "Please lick my tits, mister."She then reaches to her back and unzips her skirt,slowly lowering it to the floor. Now she is clad inonly her white undies and flesh colored pantyhose.She pauses, her eyes pleading with me to let her stop.But I give her an angry. Hope ke apko meri ye story bhi pasand aygi. Jaise k apko pta hi hai mujhe bhabhi or aunties kafi pasand hai, koi b aunty punjab,amritsar ,chandigrh ya delhi se mujhse contact karna chahe to mujhe meri id- ” ” pr message kre or meri story kaisi lgi ye b ap mujhe email kr skte hai.Ab time waste na krte huye sida story pr ata hu, mere pados me ek ghar chod kr priya aunty rehte hai unke ghar me aunty,uncle or unka vishal rehta hai jo k mera kafi acha dost bhi hai. Aunty ki age around 45-46 hogi. She moans softly. "Go ahead and start smoking and I'll take it from here." She lights up and takes a drag, letting it out slowly as I move one hand under her skirt. I move my fingers around her clit feeling how wet she is. I hear her moan again as I push my fingers into her pussy and move them in and out. "Do you like that, Baby? You like cumming for me don't you?" "Yes, Lover," she answers as I suck hard on the other nipple. "C'mon, Baby, tell me, do you like cumming on my hand? Or do you.

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