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As Damian drove, his fingers had roamed. His hand had caressed her bare thighs and along her panties even as they’d arrived at his parents’ house....She smiled and slightly rolled her eyes as she recalled their arrival. Before she noticed they had arrived, Damian was pressing the fabric of her panties between her swollen lips and over her clit, with her knees pointed outward and ass forward on the seat. When he parked the car and she realized where they were, she had playfully scolded. Funny Mike. Wait for the proper time," She raised a disciplinary finger, "you know better."She wished it weren't so, thoughts of abandoning their plan still fresh in her mind. "No food, no drink other than water and absolutely no sex of any kind for at least twenty-four hours before the ceremony." I know. Sometimes I wonder if it really makes a difference though." He stood before her, placing his hand on her upper arm, tenderly caressing her soft succulent skin. "I mean, hungry, horny and. Lewis is not.”I looked out the window as I spoke. “Yeah, I know but we’ve been together since freshman year in high-school. We’re supposed to be going off to college together in a couple of months. Living together and everything. The deposits are already put down and everything. Who says he doesn’t love me? He may just have cold feet.” I said but even I didn’t believe it. I was just trying to convince myself that everything was okay.“What does he need cold feet about, it’s not like you’ll are. ' OK love we can get in the back or stay here in the front, what you think?' he asked me.'Oh erm so where did you and Julie go to? I asked'She wanted it in the back love, got my bed in there. She wanted doggy, not much room in the cab for that. No she just sucked me in here, then we climbed over into the back and I went up Julie from behind', he proudly said.'Oh, I see. Did you cum in Julie then?, I asked' Oh yes you bet I did, she is one Lady, I was banging my balls onto her clitty and had my.

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