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“So” Brianna spoke up in between bites of her Caesar salad. “You and Beth had a thing going on, right?”“Yeah, we saw each other for a few mo...ths, but that ended weeks ago. We're still good friends.”“So it was a friendly thing and not a serious thing?”“Ummm, somewhere in the middle, I guess. You could say we had an unconventional romance.”Brianna giggled. “That's an artful way to put it.”Alex's eyebrows raised. “Did you hear something about us?”“Not as such. I mean, rumors fly around about. I run into the legs of one of them, causing him to fall over. I continued to the next one and tore out his left hamstring before he got his sword free of its scabbard. I then darted into the woods and used the cover to move around.The three uninjured members, including the leader, made a fatal mistake, because they came in after me. I had spent years, during the blood moon, hunting, and had become quite adept at moving around without making much noise. I started to lash out and attack before. I caught a glimmer of her necklace around her neck, sinking deeper, deeper. I surfaced, took a quick breath, and plunged back into the opaque green water. It rushed into my ears, and light began to disappear as the weight of the water pushed on my chest. Jasey. I saw her, limp and helpless, weighed down by her hiking clothes and boots. More adrenaline punched through my veins. I reached, straining, made a grab for her wrist and pulled upward with all the power I could muster. She was now on the. His income would be needed to help pay for supplies. Fexrem might be the marklord, but there was never any doubt in the minds of the brothers that they were all in it together. They would get their money back if they were successful; and if not, they still had their father's farm -- and now Wilhan's, too.Before winter was over, the shadow of Grunden returned in the form of a big redheaded warrior who called himself Gogre Bloodfist. The man came to town looking to pick a fight, and he made a.

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