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Kin Ah git yew some shine? Got me a new jug just yesterday.”They sipped out on the porch, watchin Ole Yeller havin fun chasin chickens and small pig... round the yard.Uncle Cletus aways liked these visits which happened at least once a week. He and Auntie Ollie was gittin older but “weren’t daid yet”, as he put it. They scrabbled out a livin way back in the hills where generations of ancestors had done the same thing. These visits were special tho.Cletus asked, “Hope yew is horny lahk ma sister. “It’s ok, I’ll clean it up. You hop in the shower and rinse yourself off,” he said. I took the bottle of ice cold water from him and took a drink. My nipples perked up because of the cold. I noticed he was staring at my chest. “Not sick of them yet?” I asked.“Never,” he smiled.I gave him a wink and made my way into his bathroom. It was huge, compared to my bathroom at least. There were two marble sinks along one wall with plenty of storage drawers and cabinets. The sink was bare except for an. I took the bottle of wine out of the bucket of ice and opened it, I poured her a glass and handed it to her and gave her a kiss. I opened the heated container my friend gave me with the food in it. I dished up the Chicken Parmesan he made for us and handed a plate to her. She seemed so surprised and pleased with how things were going for our first Valentines Day together. As we sat and ate and talked, we watched the last sliver of the sun set into the ocean. It was a beautiful sight, but not as. When her finger spread the lube on my bum hole and pushed inside, I couldn’t suppress a yelp. I yelped again when the warm liquid rushed into my bowels. I did learn that there was an erotic component to receiving an enema, but it was also a borderline painful and quite humbling experience. Especially getting rid of the mess in front of another person. When all was said and done, I was trembling and incredibly ashamed, but also horny. * * * * * I could hardly remember the last time I was being.

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