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The story is of the time when I was 21, 2nd yr. of my B.tech in Meerut. Recently got into an affair with a 1st year girl of my college. We used to chi... chat during nights, hangout in the college during days and been out for movies n all with her a few times. She was more of a conservative type and wouldn’t allow me to proceed much other than normal kissing n passport stuff. This really got me frustrated at times.But this story here ain’t about her. This girl here happens to be my girl next. “Greg, it’s hard even being around her. I love her still and I always will, I guess. But she’s with another guy who stole her from me. Kinda hard to get my head around accepting anything from them. The humiliation would be just, well, worse than my wounds. I don’t expect you to understand. But it’s the reality for me,” I said.“Sam, I guess I sort of understand, but like you, I see this whole situation as kind of a real tough nut. On the one hand there’s the two of them. They did you wrong. But. The place was empty except for a few locals and a guy down the bar in a suit; he was older and not bad looking. I looked…he looked back…the next time I glanced his way he was looking again. I caught him looking at me in the bar mirror then, a few minutes later he picked up his drink and moved down the bar. When he asked if he could join me I smiled and said ‘yes’ then looked right at his crotch.Normally, when a guy moves in on you he’s interested.We chatted for a little while before he. The dishwasher kept smiling and winking everytime he passed the table then dropped him a note and headed out back to the Lincoln with the stud right behind him. My wife didn't see this at all and I didn't tell her. I thought if the stud milker got the first load that it might be a better fuck for the wife? I waited a few minutes then went out to see if everything was ok since some guys just wanted to get a cock sucker away to fuck them up. As I quietly approached the limo and peeked in that.

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