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‘Is anyone in here?’ Shanice called out, feeling a bit frightened. * * * * ‘Is anyone in here?’ Chris’ eyes came wide open upon hearing what...sounded like Shanice. He’d been having himself a light doze while he waited. His attention became alert when he heard Shanice voice call out, he cursed himself for leaving her door open after he’d jimmied the lock. He got up from the chair and came out of the bedroom with the intent of surprise. He wasn’t expecting to meet Shanice with her white boy. Both. “Has your brilliant mind suggested an alternative?” she asked.“That came up while I was talking to Emma on Monday too,” I said. “I told her I thought ‘Epic’ sounded like a better nickname for someone getting the attention of Harvard. It has a certain grandeur that ‘Wonder-boy’ lacks, I think.”She laughed. “It certainly does have that going for it. You’re not worried that it’s going to come across as arrogant?”I shrugged. “If it does, it does. It’s a population of people that have achieved. Oh, shit. Suck it. Oh, suck it." I was on fire. Vicki pushed me on my back and kept sucking, moving from one tit to the other. Her own excitement grew again. I began tossing my hips and moving my head from side to side. Vicki slipped a finger in my crotch and began to stroke my pubic hair. The smell of hot cunt filled the room and I began to cry out. A finger slipped inside the inner fold and found my turgid clit. As soon as it brushed by, I arched up off the bed and came; groaning loudly and. What if I am fertile, what’s that going to prove?”“Well it sounds crazy but since you both are twins, your genes and DNA are practically the same. I could be artificially inseminated with your sample and possible conceive. It would be like Ron and I got pregnant but he would never have to know.”“Oh shit Leah that is the craziest idea ever. Are you fucking kidding me right now?”“I knew it. I knew you wouldn’t take this well. I know it’s crazy but it makes sense. Please Reggie you have to help us.

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