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Walt usually stopped by, and occasionally Amy would stop by, too. I used to think Walt would like to go out with Amy, but I could tell that Amy wasn't...really interested in him. Of course since Walt didn't have a girlfriend, it seemed that he viewed any girl who would talk to him as a potential girlfriend. I know I would have assumed the same thing a couple of months ago.Believe it or not, we did manage to do a lot of studying together at the Student Union. Sometimes we would work together on. My cock's hard as a rock, just thinking about stuffing it into your cunt. Feel it, Lucy! What do you think of that?"He guided her hand to the bulge in the front of his pants. Even through the material, her hand on his cock made him shudder with excitement. He didn't know what he'd been thinking about, letting Lucy's pussy go unused because he'd gotten some notion that the passion was over between them.Her cunt was now wet as a schoolgirl's. Her soft moans of encouragement made his cock pulse at. "Nice ta meetcha."Not wanting to seem rude, he replied, "I'm Robby, Doug's neighbor." With a puzzled look, he said to her, "I'm sorry, I can't figure out your costume. What are you supposed to be?"She grinned at the floor, putting her hands behind her back and twisting her upper body back and forth. Then, suddenly, she whipped her head up and opened her mouth wide with a hiss! Robby was so startled he nearly dropped his beer, managing to steady himself before making a mess. As he considered. I casually straightened it out, but it was not nearly long enough and I knew I was fighting a losing battle.My panties were soaked. Oh my gosh. I so hoped he wouldn't or couldn’t notice the all-too familiar odor of a woman in heat.“So what type of music do you like?” I asked, trying to steer the conversation a bit.“All types,” He replied. “How about some blues?”Before I could answer, he picked up the remote and started pushing selection buttons. A light rhythmic thumping gave way to some Kenny.

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