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Shaun called and put me on the hone too. He told me what to say. I knew I was talking to a grown man and i'm sure the grown man knew he was talking 8 year old being led by a 13 year while pretending to be 18. Thinking back, I spoke to many men during that time. They would have phone sex , well as best you can with a kid pretending to be grown, but they talked to me and came during the calls nevertheless. They hung up on me after they came each time. I remember having no idea what they. . Lick those nipples, Squeeze them….Then she started rubbing over my pants and I was like see I do not have condoms or anything I’m not sure if we she should go further. She was like it’s fine, I’ll suck on your cock after you cum, I’ll take it in. So then she started to suck on my cock and she swallowed it like a pro. She was licking my balls and taking them in her mouth, her saliva was all over and I was in pleasure heaven. So I was about to cum. She opened her mouth wide and I sprayed shots. “Uhhhggg Ohhhh damn, Ohhhh,” Harry grunted. Then as quickly as his orgasm had come it went away. Harry looked at his pants and saw a big wet spot where the head of his cock was at, and then felt the stickiness of his and realized that his cum had soaked through his pants. But then George said, “essmay eanclay.” The wet spot disappeared and the stickiness left Harry’s hands. “What the hell was that?” Harry said mesmerized. “That my friend was the orgasm charm. Instant and pure orgasm to. I gave her ayurvedic oil and ask her to massage my cock and she saw the same and first she started sucking it and she was trying to suck me hard and I came in her mouth. She then started applying oil and after a massage of 20 mins I got a erection which was very hard. I ask her to turn backward and started kissing her body and then I wore a condom and started fucking her from back as she was slim so it does not create any problem. I press her down from her shoulder so the cock would deeply.

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