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As she rocked back and forth to the beat of the music, she replayed in her mind, for what seemed like the tenth time, the joyous feelings of Mr. Grey�...�s mouth and losing her virginity with such an explosive orgasm. She couldn’t take her mind off the prospect of being with Mr. Grey later that night. Although she knew she needed to keep his secret, she thought she would burst if she didn’t share her delight with someone.“Cher,” she said softly.“Mmmm,” replied the petite girl without looking away. "I could hear her crying now, and I was starting to feel a bit guilty ... and sad. Was it all her fault? I'd been over this ground in my head many times in the past. I knew I had contributed to the problem with my constant travel, but her unwillingness to communicate and at least try to help us get through a bad period had been the most frustrating part. She had created a wall around herself, and I couldn't break it down."Maybe I can change," she moaned."You're still young, Sylvia. You and I. Who's Wendy?”“She's a school friend. We thought that you might want to fuck her, but you were snoring when we got home, so Greg fucked us both.”I had the coffee machine set up ready. I quickly made us two coffees, and pushed hers in front of her. She gulped it down, then pushed the empty cup toward me.“Can I have another, please?”So I put fresh coffee in the machine and made her a fresh cup, double strength, this time. Normally I expected her to do things like that for herself, but today I was. His heart skipped a beat; his whole body trembled with desire--no with love, as he just realized that he too loved Mandy.He chose his words carefully as he wanted this moment to last for an eternity. "Oh my darling Mandy, when I hold you, my heart goes all aflutter, and I cannot think straight. When you're gone, I feel empty inside. Oh baby, my sweet precious angel, I must confess that I've fallen for you too. I love you, not like a father does a daughter, but as a man loves a woman."Mandy.

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