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We made believe we were studying when I brought him out of it. So, of course, MP knows about me." I'm sure you've already handled that." I nodded as M... tried to speak, but she couldn't—the spell forbade her from telling anyone about me and my magic, and that included my mother, who was a witch. "Meanwhile, I think you two have some business to finish so off to your room, and, no, MP, I don't look like a witch, do I?" MP just stood there, mouth open, until I pulled her away.Once in my room I. He was not used to company and he was not overly happy to finally have it now that it was here. He, however, was choiceless. Rangers are not given choices, only tasks to complete."Come now, Maseryk," a high pitched voice suddenly said from out of the gloomy passage the sorcerer was taking to his sanctum. He chanted a ball of flame into being to see his familiar hovering just at the edge of the light, its wings beating frantically. "The Lady does not assign you so many tasks that you cannot do. He came by, and he does dabs, he brought his rig and some dabs for us before we did the naughty, I told him, "That dab is way too big for me," he cut it in half but still, way too big, but I hit it anyways... so we had our session and then I went outside to have a cigarette and walk him out, was about 8am. He left and I was still SOOOO HORNY. I also wanted to sit cause my balance sucks when i am high and I had my cigarette. So I was standing by the alley, next to a school at 8am, the k**s were. My wife smiled and they grabbed each other hand and got up to head to the bedroom. I started to get up when Helena smiled "Where do you think you are going?". I started to complain, but the bitch told me: “You stay here while I enjoy your wife"Ana smiled also to me and both headed to the bedroom with me following them. I was allowed to stay there at the door; watching as the two of them removed their clothes.They both stripped in just two seconds. I was astonished about Helena’s beauty. I was.

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