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"It's time you and I had a little chat."Standing behind me was Mary's husband, the former chaplain of the institution for young offenders I had spent ... mere six months of a much longer sentence. He was dressed in an ankle-length black cassock with cloth-covered buttons and his long, thin, face and sparse brown hair looked no different from when I had last seen him over two years ago. He smiled with his mouth."I'm glad you accepted my invitation. I'm sure Mary did too. Please come with me. What. Thank you so much for taking care of my Sam’ he said. ‘I wanted to move Sam somewhere safer, but he said he didn’t want to leave. There was something, he said, about you showing him how to build something special?’ ‘Yes’ I answered with weak knees but a surprisingly strong voice ‘but it’s a secret for someone’s birthday, and I’ve been told not to say anything about it’. That someone was of course Sam’s dad, and I guess he understood since he didn’t continue with his questions. He took my hand. “Here, take a look”Holy fuck, I thought as I looked at the photo. I had never seen such large breasts on a girl of my age, neither had I seen such a perfect body.“Damn, who is this?” I asked without taking my eyes off the photo.“It’s Cheryl Mason, the new girl”“She’s hot as hell, but what does she have to do with me?”“Well, if you want she can blow you”I looked at him surprised.“Blow me?”“Yeah, she already did me, and it was fucking amazing, the best I’ve ever had”“How’d you get her to do. I looked at him with a stern face and unblinking eyes. He swallowed loudly and asked me curiously, “What? What are you talking about?”I replied, “Don’t play coy with me. You think I don’t know what’s happening here?”“What? What’s happening here?”“Really? Playing hard-to-get now?”Kyle just kept staring at me as his breathing got faster. There was silence in the room for a brief few seconds.Then I spoke, “I know what you want.” and after a quick pause I continued, “I know how you’ve been treating.

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