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"It feels so good Danny. Are you licensed as a masseuse?" No, not yet, but I will be by the time the Christmas holidays roll around. By the way since ...'m a male I'll be a masseur; a masseuse is a female, a masseur is a male." I laughed after I said it."It feels so good, my whole body could use this," replied Mary."If you want to lay on the floor I can rub your back, arms and legs. Sometimes I rub mom's shoulder and feet." I have an idea. What if we change into our bathing suits and I can lay on. Abbie now had to quickly make me cum. She was doing a good job then unknowingly to us my wife shouted down the stairs ‘could I use her hair straighteners at your’ which made me and Abbie jump up scared! Abbie replied ‘yes whatever’ and we then heard Jodie walk back across into her room. Abbie looked at me and started laughting before getting back onto her knees. I got my cock back out and started jerking as I really wanted to cum she put my cock in her mouth as I got my hands and put them on. The girl stared at him, now and then jerking her hands against the rope holding them in place.She looked to be around twenty or so, and had short, straight brown hair, falling around her round face. Bangs fell just above the eyes. Her nose was slightly too sharp, but her body, from what he could see above the covers was lush and firm."Now then. I want you to tell me everything you know about those two missing girls."She stared up at him, unmoving. Jack slipped some bills out of his jacket. They. If Roy becomes aroused, as he probably will with all you ladies looking on, please ignore it and either draw it in its flaccid state or discretely hide it under a piece of cloth or whatever. This is not a class for porno artists." Half an hour later, Roy's penis had started to harden but he was able to prevent a full erection.From the rather flushed faces of several of the other ladies, even one whose husband stood alongside her, Lillian guessed she wasn't the only one having erotic thoughts.

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