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I brought him thebelt. He tied my hands behind my back and once again put the girl's thong inmy mouth. He led me to the mirror and let me take a look ...t myself. I saw myreflection – naked, with high-heel red sandals, my black hair in disarrayaround my shoulders. My lips were red and swollen from all the oral pleasuresI was obliged to provide. My hands were bound. I was gagged with another woman'sunderwear. Behind me I could see my king – dark, gorgeous, his eyes sointent. "Happy?" he asked me.. My cock was starting to peek out from the bottom of my shorts. We settled in on Johns bed to watch some porn. What do you like Peter ? Blow jobs I blurted out. Well lets see what he has in here. Soon enough we were watching a guy getting sucked by a sexy babe. My cock was hard as a rock and sticking out from my shorts, I never noticed. But Julie did and commented how I must really loved to see a cock get sucked. Have you had much experience with sex Peter ? Ah, I'm afraid not Julie I don't know. “Rather than add that stress to Lee’s load right now, I’m asking if any of you would be interested in resuming the relationship you had with Lee before I moved in with him.” “Starting when?” Teesha grinned. “Girl, you be…” her mother started. “That’s okay, Thelma. Lee’ll appreciate her eagerness.” She looked at Teesha. “He’s right through that door, Teesha. If you have time, you can start right now,” she said, pointing to the inter-office door to Lee’s office. Teesha stood up, unconsciously. I increased my pace. Went deep. And after a couple of mins, he pulled me up and kissed me. It was a tongue on the tongue this time. Rolling.I only wore boxers. He had my penis in the hands. It’s slightly bigger than his but my girth was lesser. He went down on me. I had started from the top but he started licking my balls first and I swear it was the best feeling. Cold winter night and that warm tingling feel when your balls are being licked. Words can’t express how beautiful it was. He.

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