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I can sense the hungriness in her eyes. Her black panty is clearly visible. It seemed that she is in a very horny state. She led me to the drawing roo... and asked me to spend some time with her. She sat next to me and her voice became husky. I put my arms around her shoulders and told her that my boss is the luckiest guy in the world. Then I slowly started stroking her ears. She didn’t say anything and closed her eyes and her breather became very slow. I slowly moved my fingers towards her nose. I owe you my life and he owes you for the woman I have become. I’m now honest, and strong, and I’m going to be a faithful loving wife, except one day out of the year. On that day I am going to be a sexy, loving, grateful daughter for my sexy, loving wonderful Dad.”“But Dara, I’m not really your father, and what if I hit you with a magic bullet?” I chuckled at that last words, trying to reduce my tension.“Dad! If you ever say that again, I’m going to slap you silly. I’ve never known any other. Made me feel pretty good." I replied. Then the awkward silence again.Finally we arrived and checked in again to a hotel. Quickly prepped for the calling hours and were off. My father remained rather quite all day. After the calling hours he dropped me back to the hotel and said he would be meeting up with some old friends for a drink. Gave me some money for a pizza and was off. I had dinner in the room. Showered and made sure to shave very well before climbing in bed. I slept in one of my. "I had nothing. I was naked with no money. I fell to my knees."Please, don't do this. I'm sorry. I'll do whatever you want. I'll be your slut" I cried. He shut the door. I looked around. While we lived in a secluded area I was scared someone would see me. I banged on the door sobbing. After a few minutes the door opened. He stood there with his phone in one hand and the riding crop in the other."Are you still here slut." Please let me in. I've nowhere to go." You should have thought of that.

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