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And hurt it did ... agony.In the due course of time, an older gentleman approached with his black bag ... not only did he have the accouterments of a ...octor ... he possessed the attitude. Bedside manner? He had none. Gruff and demanding he pushed and pulled me not bothering to admit I hurt.While he was gleefully playing the part of a German Concentration Camp physician, the telephone man came."Where do you want it?" he asked. "Oh shit ... that's gotta hurt!" he exclaimed as he moved to where he. After what felt like a lifetime (probably about 5 seconds) i found myself kissing back.Our lips began rubbing together softly, mouths starting to open, his tongue teasing mine in a game of tongue wars.His large hands pulled me in to him as he led the kiss in to a deep passionate snog.We were both panting now - wanting more of this, more of each other.He guided me to the floor and laid on top of me. His groin pressed firmly against mine and you could feel 2 hard cocks throbbing at the. I watched Coach’s cock slip limply from Bobby’s suckling lips. Bobby swallowed one last time then smiled at me when he stood and grabbed his phone. Handing the phone to me, he said, “I recorded all of it. Now we have him shoving his dick in a student's mouth.”Coach looked at us, concerned. “What are you going to do with that recording?”“Nothing,” I answered, “As long as you play ball.”“Play ball?”“Yeah, play ball,” I said, “Keep your mouth shut about all this and the video will be our. It felt great as my hands brushed on the inner thighs of Anu chachi’s right legs. Oooohhh it felt great I thought to myself. I kept my hands moving up and up when suddenly I felt movement in Anu chachi’s body she quivered a bit and suddenly she stood up and sat in the bed. I got terrified my hands were still under her sarree and touching her bare inner thighs. May be my movements were just too much I thought. Its all has ended. I will be thrown out of the house after terrible beating I thought.

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Having ride

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